PA Energy Tax Rebate Information

The state of Pennsylvania  now offers energy tax rebates up to $1000 for qualifying heating and cooling equipment but the money is going fast due to the increase of the maximum allowance from $300 to $1000 on August 2, 2010.

PA Energy Tax rebate information

It’s not to late to reserve your 2010 PA energy tax rebate. Now is the time to jump on this before it’s gone. Don’t forget about the federal tax credit as well which is 30% of total unit and installation costs up to $1500.

In addition, we offer a standard 10 year parts and 10 year labor warranty with all new heating and cooling equipment. South Hills Electric Heating and Cooling also offers added incentives including a $250 Home Depot card with your purchase of a qualifying system.

Example of typical equipment and  installation costs:

A 95% efficient 70,000 BTU gas furnace can cost under $1000 after all applicable discounts, rebates, and incentives.

South Hills Electric Heating and Cooling can complete all the required paperwork for you PA Tax Rebate reservation monies. Call Us today at (412) 537-0687 to schedule an appointment.

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