Thermal Imaging and Infrared Scanning

South Hills Electric Heating Cooling is a Goodman Good Care Dealer serving the entire Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and surrounding areas since 1993.

South hills Electric Heating and Cooling is a Goodman Good Care Dealer

Regardless of SEER or AFUE rating, the original, registered single-family homeowner will receive a 10-Year All-Parts Limited Warranty* on all applicable products.

All New Residential Heating and Cooling Installations come with a 10 year parts limited warranty 

South Hills Electric Heating and Cooling is proud to offer a 10 year labor warranty on all new Heating and Cooling Installations.*

South hills Electric heating and Cooling offers a 10 year labor warranty

* Complete warranty details are available from any South Hills Electric Heating and Cooling associate.

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Thermographic Inspections

South Hills Electric Heating Cooling is happy to now offer thermal imaging energy audit services to all of Pittsburgh and beyond. Our thermal imaging is performed by technicians with decades of experience in the building trades.

Thermal Imaging or Infrared Scanning can detect areas of heat loss in your home's insulation barrier which costs you money. This technology works by detecting temperature differences between the air temperature outside your home and heat sources leaking from inside your home at critical points. (mainly doors, windows, and attic spaces)


Free infrared energy audit special with any new high efficiency furnace purchase and installation. (sorry, only for residential homes less than 2000 square feet at this time)

Thermal Imaging for residential homes in PittsburghNormal photo for Pittsburgh Thermal Imaging Service

The images above show a normal picture at night of a residential home (right) and an infrared image of the thermal differerential of the same home on the left. The image on the left shows the surface temperature of the home and the variant where the heat is escaping from the building.

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